What You Need to Know: Bad Credit Phones

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Majority of consumers in the UK are hooked to a phone contract. With mobile phones becoming a necessity more than a luxury, there’s no surprise why consumers always opt for pay monthly contracts rather than pay as you go deals.

There’s just one problem. If you have a bad credit history and you want a phone contract, your application is likely to get rejected. But does that mean you should forego getting a phone contract? Well, not necessarily if you try the following tricks below:

Opt for a cheaper handset

Providers reject applications when you have a bad credit history because of the high risks involved. One way to lower said risks on your provider’s end is to lower the monthly fee which you can accomplish by opting for a cheaper handset. This option is not always ideal especially if you’re after the latest iPhone or Samsung Galaxy. But since you have bad credit, a cheap handset should do for now. You can always upgrade it to a higher end handset once your credit score improves.

Pay the upfront free

If you have cash and you’re dead set on getting the latest handset as part of your phone contract deal then you may offer to pay a higher upfront fee than usual. Most high-end phones have required upfront fees. By paying more than the required fee, you are lowering the risks for your provider hence improving your chances for approval. Sadly, this is only applicable if you have extra cash to allot for the upfront fee.

Bring a guarantor

Don’t have cash for the upfront fee? You can try bringing a guarantor instead. Like the other two options above, a guarantor will lower the risks for your provider. In fact, a guarantor when eligible can really raise your chances of approval. In the event that you are unable to pay the fixed monthly fee, the guarantor agrees to pay it on your behalf. In actually, there’s really little to no risks at all on your provider’s end.

Consider SIM only deals

If the aforementioned options won’t work with your situation then the next best option is to consider SIM only deals. SIM only deals do not include handsets and only services for your call, text and data hence significantly cheaper than traditional phone contracts. Some SIM only deals also don’t have the 24-month lock in period so it’s easier to get out of if you choose to.

Check out bad credit phones

Finally but not least option is to check bad credit mobile phones. As the name suggests, these types of phone contract deals are designed especially for people with bad credit issues. Just like traditional phone contracts, these deals also offer a handset and a phone bundle. You’ll pay a fixed monthly fee for 24-months covering the cost of your phone and your call, text and data usage. But there’s a hitch. Handset options are usually limited to older models and fixed monthly fee may be more expensive than usual.

One Plus 2 is On the Way to Stores

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If you want a great looking and well performing smartphone without breaking the bank then the upcoming OnePlus 2 may be the perfect choice. It is the latest flagship handset from The Chinese firm and is slated to officially release on August 11. It is priced at £239 for the 16GB option and £289 for the 64GB version.

Whether you just heard about the phone or you own the OnePlus One, you are in for several surprises. The phone is not only going to get some touch-ups but it will boasts a range of improvements that promise to improve overall experience without raising the price too much. From the display to interface, camera and overall performance, the phone is said to be better.

The OnePlus 2 will sport a 5.5-inch screen featuring high-end specifications at a price many people can afford. Just like its predecessor, the demand for the new phone is expected to be very high. If you’re hoping to get your hands on it on August 11, you may want to be part of the manufacturer’s invite system so you’ll have first dibs as soon s the phone is ready for its customers.

While cheaper than most high-end phones, the best thing about the OnePlus 2 phone is its set of high end specifications. Starting off with the screen, the new phone will be brighter than the older version at 1080p resolution and 401 pixels per inch. Expect it to be thicker and a bit heavier which some may think a turn off. But hold your judgment because the new phone is packed with a faster processor, better camera and longer lasting battery.

If you’re aOnePlus one user, you can swap the phone to get the OnePlus 2. With the former phone being an unexpected success, the month of August is definitely looking good for the upcoming One Plus 2 design considering the significant improvements.

What You Need to Know: Windows 10 Mobile

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Windows 10 Mobile, which was formerly Windows Phone 10 or simply Windows 10, is slated to release before the year ends. The new operating system is Microsoft’s major update to the old OS and should give Android and iOS some much needed competition. While it’s not fully completed yet, Microsoft has offered a technical preview of Windows 10 Mobile and this is what we know so far about the OS:


Windows 10 Mobile will not release along with the upcoming Windows 10 but there’s one thing you need to know, the former is exactly what it name says, a mobile version of Windows 10 only that it’s on a smaller screen.

In terms of how the app and features will look, it will be pretty similar to Windows 10 on your laptop or desktop. Phones running on Windows 10 Mobile will now have full versions of the Microsoft Office. You can now write Word documents, create PowerPoint presentations and whip up spreadsheets even on the go. Even other apps as well as the settings screen will look pretty much the same allowing for a seamless experience on all your Windows devices.


While seamless experience is the goal, Windows 10 Mobile will not look completely similar with the desktop version. The mobile version will still feature the live tiles interface with a background image bleeding through which you can personalize accordingly.

The OS will also get a new layout to the settings screen. Leaked screenshots of the new OS for Windows phone feature more quick settings options than the previous OS.


In line with Microsoft’s goal to create a unified and seamless experience among Windows devices, the photos app is one of the apps that fall under the universal apps category. If you have a mobile phone running on Windows 10 Mobile and a desktop running on Windows 10, this means that all images on both devices will be universal. Duplicates are removed and albums are automatically created.


Another aspect that is going to get some refining is the keyboard on your Windows 10 Mobile. The looks will be pretty similar to what you have with Windows Phone 8.1 but it will be more fun to use since you can now move the keyboard around as well as resize it when needed.

In addition to the keyboard, messaging is also slated to be more exciting. The new Windows 10 Mobile will let you witch between SMS ad other apps such as Skype without the need to switch apps.


Even the browser, Internet Explorer, is going to get some major touch-ups. When Windows 10 Mobile rolls out, it will no longer be called Internet Explorer but Microsoft Edge. There are no details as to what new features we can expect but both desktops and mobile phones are definitely confirmed to get the new browser.

Switching to a New Mobile Phone Contract is Now Easier

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One of the biggest pet peeves for many phone contract subscribers is how hard it is to switch to a new contract. With phone contracts typically lasting 24 months, you’ll be behind several models by the time you’re ready to upgrade.

Unfortunately, carriers are not giving subscribers much choice. When you ditch your contract before the term’s up, you are likely to end up with exorbitant fees and charges. Thankfully, things are looking better not to mention a whole leat easier for phone contract subscribers.

During a conference hosted by Which?, Sharon White of Ofcom, reiterated the need for providers to take responsibility and provide first class communication services.

Other than making sure that the public has quick access to a reliable internet connection with a handset included in the package, it is now more important than ever for providers and regulators to ensure that consumers are not finding it difficult to change provider or cancel contracts whenever necessary.

White plans to introduce to the market a quality line for broadband on all providers. And this time, customers have the option to opt out of the contract if the deal is no longer meeting the acceptable level. This move is in line with White’s belief that regulators should intervene when the market is no longer working well enough for the consumers.

In this case, providers will need to work on improving the services they offer customers across UK. White has pointed out that there is four areas providers need to work on. They need to provide better information so consumers can compare deals effectively. Providers will also need to ensure that consumers can opt for straightforward switching when necessary. Adopting clear and fair contracts is another area and finally, complaints need to be handled more professionally.

Since June 20, there was already a new process that places responsibility on the provider the customer is moving to. As of now, this applies to switches between landline and broadband providers for customers using the Openreach network. This includes networks such as Talktalk, Sky and BT.

White believes that adopting the new process is one way to encourage customers to take advantage of the stiffer competition among providers. White also hopes to carry out the same changes and improvements for switches between mobile networks.If this came to pass, it is very likely that you can now switch to a new phone contract with ease and without glitch.

6 of the Best Smartphones in the UK Today

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As mobile phones evolve and improve, you’d think it will be easier to choose the best smartphone to suit your needs. Apparently not. With innumerable phone choices available in the market, it’s harder than ever to take your pick. Where exactly do you begin? What type of features to look for? Which operating system is the best? The questions can go on and it can be extremely frustrating at some point. To help you dispense with endless searching comparisons, here is a list of the six best smartphones available in the UK today:

iPhone 6

Apple’s foray to the bigger sized phones starting with the iPhone 5 and 5S were a huge success. Banking on the same success is the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus which were released late last year. If we are to believe the statistics and what users say, it looked like the risks have certainly paid off.

Not only is iPhone 6 bigger butit is also faster and more gorgeous than the iPhone 5 or iPhone 5s. The phone features a bigger 4.7-inch screen with 8MP rear camera and a better resolution. Storage options are also larger starting from 16GB to 64GB and 128 GB.

Samsung Galaxy S6

Giving Apple a run for their money is Samsung’s runaway success, the Samsung Galaxy S6. While its predecessor, the Galaxy S5, was not as impressive, the latest offering from Samsung is proof that the manufacture has what it takes to keep Apple on their toes.

The phone runs on Android 5 featuring a 5.1-inch screen with an impressive 16MP camera. The battery life is often easily drained by its amazing video, audio and other sharp features, the handset is without a doubt one of the best you can get your hands on today.

HTC One M9

While not as impressive as the other smartphones on the list, HTC One M9 still made it for its best build quality and stunning design all in all. The phone features a 5-inch screen running on Android 5 just like the Samsung Galaxy S6. It has an impressive 20.7MP rear camera and 4MP for the front camera.

The phone included some boosts for the more important features and it still has all your old favorite features including the BoomSound enhancement and Sense overlay. There’s just one downside. The phone is quite expensive than the rest of the choices in the list considering that there aren’t a lot of changes and new features to look forward to. Regardless, it remains one of the best in terms of quality build.


If you’re looking for a great blend of function and form, the LG G4 is one handset worth a second look. In trying to set itself apart from the competition, LG created a luxurious phone complete with all the bells and whistles. The phone boasts a luxury leather back option with a 5.5-inch screen and a 16MP camera. Its large screen is a definite plus and one of the best in the market.

Nexus 6

Capping off the list is the Nexus 6, which has been dubbed Google’s biggest phone ever. Rather than stick with the more affordable options, Google made a move into the phablet arena and launched this 5.96-inch of a gem. The phone boasts a 13MP rear camera and 2MP front camera. It is running on Android 5.

Nexus 6 is the biggest phone on the list and it seems to live up to the hype. It’s not only big but also best from Google’s selection in terms of performance, display and resolution.

What We Know So Far About iPhone 6S

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The past months have been full of buzzing rumors about how the iPhone 6S will look like. Considering how extra successful the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus were, the stakes are even higher for Apple. Add to the equation the ever tighter and stiffer competition with Samsung and it’s probably safe to raise our expectations.

Earlier rumors suggest that the iPhone 6S in August this year. That is now being discounted however with a leaked email from Vodafone saying that the phones will in fact launch in September 25 this year. There is still no confirmation from Apple yet but either way, the anticipation has been intense.

If you’re especially an iPhone fanatic, I’m sure you can’t wait to get your hands on these latest handsets. While you’re waiting, here are some tidbits of what we know about the two phones.

With iPhone 6S, you won’t see a lot of changes in terms of its design. It will sport the same dimension as its predecessor only that it’s said to be sleeker. Another rumor also pegged the phone to feature the Series 7000 aluminum alloy. Some reports, on one hand, say that iPhone 6S may actually be thicker and taller dispensing the protruding camera lens from the back.

As for the screen, it is believed that iPhone 6S will feature a 4.7-inch screen, again, the same as its predecessor. With news of Apple working with Foxcon, you may be able to expect for the screen to be tougher not to mention more scratch-resistant.

In terms of camera, there were rumors before that the iPhone 6S will get a 12MP camera. It looks like it’s going to be true after all. A worker from Foxconn has claimed that yes indeed, the iPhone 6S will feature a 12MP camera from the back in addition to support 4K video. This is further supported by earlier reports that iPhone 6S is set to boasts significant improvements on its camera.

iPhone fanatics should also look out for the new iOS. The Internet has been abuzz about the latest iOS 9 since its beta version was made available. Obviously, iPhone 6S will come with the new iOS 9 along with a new processor.

The rumors cap off with a possibly three new and innovative features. If you have the Apple Watch then you’re probably familiar with the Force Touch feature. It is believed that iPhone 6S is set to adapt the feature for a more responsive and intuitive display function. It’s also possible that iPhone 6S may go without the home button anymore. Instead, the phone will feature the Touch ID technology. Finally, the iPhone 6S is rumored to feature the Apple SIM, which allows you to switch networks without the need to change SIM cards.

At this point, the aforementioned details were neither confirmed nor denied. It’s also not definite whether the next phone will be named iPhone 6S or if Apple will jump right ahead and dub it as the new iPhone 7. Either way, you can expect the cost to be pretty steep. If you want the honors of owning one of the first units of the upcoming iPhone might as well save up now. The iPhone 6S is speculated to cost around £539.