One Plus 2 is On the Way to Stores

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If you want a great looking and well performing smartphone without breaking the bank then the upcoming OnePlus 2 may be the perfect choice. It is the latest flagship handset from The Chinese firm and is slated to officially release on August 11. It is priced at £239 for the 16GB option and £289 for the 64GB version.

Whether you just heard about the phone or you own the OnePlus One, you are in for several surprises. The phone is not only going to get some touch-ups but it will boasts a range of improvements that promise to improve overall experience without raising the price too much. From the display to interface, camera and overall performance, the phone is said to be better.

The OnePlus 2 will sport a 5.5-inch screen featuring high-end specifications at a price many people can afford. Just like its predecessor, the demand for the new phone is expected to be very high. If you’re hoping to get your hands on it on August 11, you may want to be part of the manufacturer’s invite system so you’ll have first dibs as soon s the phone is ready for its customers.

While cheaper than most high-end phones, the best thing about the OnePlus 2 phone is its set of high end specifications. Starting off with the screen, the new phone will be brighter than the older version at 1080p resolution and 401 pixels per inch. Expect it to be thicker and a bit heavier which some may think a turn off. But hold your judgment because the new phone is packed with a faster processor, better camera and longer lasting battery.

If you’re aOnePlus one user, you can swap the phone to get the OnePlus 2. With the former phone being an unexpected success, the month of August is definitely looking good for the upcoming One Plus 2 design considering the significant improvements.