Switching to a New Mobile Phone Contract is Now Easier

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One of the biggest pet peeves for many phone contract subscribers is how hard it is to switch to a new contract. With phone contracts typically lasting 24 months, you’ll be behind several models by the time you’re ready to upgrade.

Unfortunately, carriers are not giving subscribers much choice. When you ditch your contract before the term’s up, you are likely to end up with exorbitant fees and charges. Thankfully, things are looking better not to mention a whole leat easier for phone contract subscribers.

During a conference hosted by Which?, Sharon White of Ofcom, reiterated the need for providers to take responsibility and provide first class communication services.

Other than making sure that the public has quick access to a reliable internet connection with a handset included in the package, it is now more important than ever for providers and regulators to ensure that consumers are not finding it difficult to change provider or cancel contracts whenever necessary.

White plans to introduce to the market a quality line for broadband on all providers. And this time, customers have the option to opt out of the contract if the deal is no longer meeting the acceptable level. This move is in line with White’s belief that regulators should intervene when the market is no longer working well enough for the consumers.

In this case, providers will need to work on improving the services they offer customers across UK. White has pointed out that there is four areas providers need to work on. They need to provide better information so consumers can compare deals effectively. Providers will also need to ensure that consumers can opt for straightforward switching when necessary. Adopting clear and fair contracts is another area and finally, complaints need to be handled more professionally.

Since June 20, there was already a new process that places responsibility on the provider the customer is moving to. As of now, this applies to switches between landline and broadband providers for customers using the Openreach network. This includes networks such as Talktalk, Sky and BT.

White believes that adopting the new process is one way to encourage customers to take advantage of the stiffer competition among providers. White also hopes to carry out the same changes and improvements for switches between mobile networks.If this came to pass, it is very likely that you can now switch to a new phone contract with ease and without glitch.