What We Know So Far About iPhone 6S

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The past months have been full of buzzing rumors about how the iPhone 6S will look like. Considering how extra successful the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus were, the stakes are even higher for Apple. Add to the equation the ever tighter and stiffer competition with Samsung and it’s probably safe to raise our expectations.

Earlier rumors suggest that the iPhone 6S in August this year. That is now being discounted however with a leaked email from Vodafone saying that the phones will in fact launch in September 25 this year. There is still no confirmation from Apple yet but either way, the anticipation has been intense.

If you’re especially an iPhone fanatic, I’m sure you can’t wait to get your hands on these latest handsets. While you’re waiting, here are some tidbits of what we know about the two phones.

With iPhone 6S, you won’t see a lot of changes in terms of its design. It will sport the same dimension as its predecessor only that it’s said to be sleeker. Another rumor also pegged the phone to feature the Series 7000 aluminum alloy. Some reports, on one hand, say that iPhone 6S may actually be thicker and taller dispensing the protruding camera lens from the back.

As for the screen, it is believed that iPhone 6S will feature a 4.7-inch screen, again, the same as its predecessor. With news of Apple working with Foxcon, you may be able to expect for the screen to be tougher not to mention more scratch-resistant.

In terms of camera, there were rumors before that the iPhone 6S will get a 12MP camera. It looks like it’s going to be true after all. A worker from Foxconn has claimed that yes indeed, the iPhone 6S will feature a 12MP camera from the back in addition to support 4K video. This is further supported by earlier reports that iPhone 6S is set to boasts significant improvements on its camera.

iPhone fanatics should also look out for the new iOS. The Internet has been abuzz about the latest iOS 9 since its beta version was made available. Obviously, iPhone 6S will come with the new iOS 9 along with a new processor.

The rumors cap off with a possibly three new and innovative features. If you have the Apple Watch then you’re probably familiar with the Force Touch feature. It is believed that iPhone 6S is set to adapt the feature for a more responsive and intuitive display function. It’s also possible that iPhone 6S may go without the home button anymore. Instead, the phone will feature the Touch ID technology. Finally, the iPhone 6S is rumored to feature the Apple SIM, which allows you to switch networks without the need to change SIM cards.

At this point, the aforementioned details were neither confirmed nor denied. It’s also not definite whether the next phone will be named iPhone 6S or if Apple will jump right ahead and dub it as the new iPhone 7. Either way, you can expect the cost to be pretty steep. If you want the honors of owning one of the first units of the upcoming iPhone might as well save up now. The iPhone 6S is speculated to cost around £539.