What You Need to Know: Windows 10 Mobile

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Windows 10 Mobile, which was formerly Windows Phone 10 or simply Windows 10, is slated to release before the year ends. The new operating system is Microsoft’s major update to the old OS and should give Android and iOS some much needed competition. While it’s not fully completed yet, Microsoft has offered a technical preview of Windows 10 Mobile and this is what we know so far about the OS:


Windows 10 Mobile will not release along with the upcoming Windows 10 but there’s one thing you need to know, the former is exactly what it name says, a mobile version of Windows 10 only that it’s on a smaller screen.

In terms of how the app and features will look, it will be pretty similar to Windows 10 on your laptop or desktop. Phones running on Windows 10 Mobile will now have full versions of the Microsoft Office. You can now write Word documents, create PowerPoint presentations and whip up spreadsheets even on the go. Even other apps as well as the settings screen will look pretty much the same allowing for a seamless experience on all your Windows devices.


While seamless experience is the goal, Windows 10 Mobile will not look completely similar with the desktop version. The mobile version will still feature the live tiles interface with a background image bleeding through which you can personalize accordingly.

The OS will also get a new layout to the settings screen. Leaked screenshots of the new OS for Windows phone feature more quick settings options than the previous OS.


In line with Microsoft’s goal to create a unified and seamless experience among Windows devices, the photos app is one of the apps that fall under the universal apps category. If you have a mobile phone running on Windows 10 Mobile and a desktop running on Windows 10, this means that all images on both devices will be universal. Duplicates are removed and albums are automatically created.


Another aspect that is going to get some refining is the keyboard on your Windows 10 Mobile. The looks will be pretty similar to what you have with Windows Phone 8.1 but it will be more fun to use since you can now move the keyboard around as well as resize it when needed.

In addition to the keyboard, messaging is also slated to be more exciting. The new Windows 10 Mobile will let you witch between SMS ad other apps such as Skype without the need to switch apps.


Even the browser, Internet Explorer, is going to get some major touch-ups. When Windows 10 Mobile rolls out, it will no longer be called Internet Explorer but Microsoft Edge. There are no details as to what new features we can expect but both desktops and mobile phones are definitely confirmed to get the new browser.